10 Best Tiny Houses for Seniors

As a senior, there are many reasons that a tiny home might be right for you. Maybe you need more mobility to travel, want to save money, or are living with a family member but need your own space.

When choosing a tiny house for seniors, you should consider affordability, design, and safety factors like accessibility. Overall, the tiny house that works best for you or your loved one will depend on your needs for disability accommodations, design preferences, and size and movement needs.

To learn more about why tiny houses can be a good option and read about some tiny houses that may work for you, read on!


After retirement, many people look to save money and travel. With a tiny home, you can do both of these things. Many tiny homes are built with wheels to enable you to pull them on a trailer. This option allows you to take your house wherever you go, as long as you have a trailer equipped to pull it.

Moreover, as people get older, they need less space because they are less likely to have young children or pets running around. Smaller houses are easier to clean and maintain, so they are perfect for the elderly person who is tired of cleaning extra rooms.

For travelers, bringing a house on your adventures can help you save money on food and hotels. It also provides flexibility in your plans because you will not need to worry about changing a reservation if you decide to change your destination. 

Of course, tiny homes are cheaper than normal homes, so downsizing to a tiny home can save money. Overall, a tiny house can reduce travel costs and living costs while providing flexibility in location.

Tiny Backyard Homes

There are several benefits to purchasing a tiny home for your elderly loved one. Whether your loved one lives with you or far away, a tiny home is a great solution for any stress.

If your relative lives with you, it is natural for both of you to want some space. Having a tiny house in your backyard can give you space to live your own life while remaining close enough to assist your relative. Also, you can stay close enough to your relative that you will still see them frequently. On the other hand, your relative will also have their independence.

Especially if the tiny house has a kitchen, your relative will have a sense of autonomy and can sometimes cook their own meals without relying on you while avoiding loneliness that often accompanies old age.

If your loved one lives far away, you may be concerned about them as they age. Putting a tiny house in your backyard could be an alternative to a nursing home or assisted living if you are not ready to move into your home fully. These houses can even come with two-way intercoms so you can speak to your family member, and you can be reached with the press of a button in times of need.


MedCottages are tiny houses designed specifically to be alternatives to nursing homes for your loved ones. This cottage is mobile and can be placed in your backyard or anywhere you’d like. 

MedCottages function as a sort of hospital room in the shape of a house. The interior is beautiful and can be decorated to feel like home. The difference between a MedCottage and other tiny homes is their accident preparation- they even have soft floors to prevent damage from falls.

Furthermore, these houses come with medical equipment such as a defibrillator and first aid supplies. They are handicap-accessible and include safety railings and accessible bathrooms. Other fall prevention methods include lighted floors to avoid tripping and the ability to monitor vital signs. 

Once it is parked in your yard, you can hook it up to your water and electricity, and rent it for about $2,000 per month. If you want to purchase a MedCottage, the standard edition will be about $53,000 and is around 300 square feet. For a larger option, you can consider the MedCottage Grand, which is $60,000 and about 600 square feet.

Wisely, the MedCottage uses a “Feet Sweep” camera to monitor the inside of the house. This camera monitors the first foot of space above the floor, so you can see if your elder falls onto the floor, but they do not need to feel that all their actions are being constantly watched and monitored.

If you are worried about putting your loved one in the backyard, MedCottage’s LivingRoo brand is a good alternative. It can be set up in your garage, and the windows have HD monitors framed to show images that look like the outdoors.

Overall, the MedCottage is a fantastic option for anyone interested in caring for a loved one nearby while enjoying several features and benefits of a nursing home.

Elder Cottages

Elder Cottages are similar to MedCottages, but offer more options and are generally less expensive. Furthermore, they involve less monitoring and more freedom, so it may be better for adults who require a lower level of care. They range from 568-947 square feet and have one bedroom/one bathroom, two bedroom/one bathroom, and two bedroom/two bathroom options.

The standard one-bedroom one-bathroom Elder cottage is 615 square feet and will cost you about $46,210. The largest cottage is 947 square feet and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, priced at $60,440. You will also have to pay for electric, water, and sewer hook-ups.

For seniors who require more intensive care, some elder cottages can be attached directly to the end of your home. It offers a tiny house that is still contained with your larger house and enables your relative to feel safe and secure. Others are designed to go in your backyard.

This home is perfect for an elderly relative who wants independence and control over their own space but cannot care for an entire house anymore. Some features that improve accessibility include raised toilet seats, wheelchair access, and the ability to put grab bars on the bathroom walls.

This cottage offers a balance between a nursing home or an intense-care cottage like the MedCottage and a standard tiny home. Even if you are not elderly, you can use this cottage as an inexpensive vacation home or a backyard office for some space from your family while working.

Tiny Studio

The tiny studio is a tiny house that can be put anywhere in your yard. However, this house is ideal for recent retirees looking for an adventure. In fact, this house can be assembled by the owner, allowing you to feel a personal connection to your home. 

Using simple tools, your tiny home can be easily assembled. Several diagrams explain how to build the house and set up the electricity, so this is a great option for a senior who enjoys working with their hands and wants to build something. You can also purchase pre-constructed models and have someone build it for you.

For the retiree ready to travel, the Tiny Studio offers off-grid options for power and water, so you can go anywhere without worrying about losing power. Furthermore, the studio is fully portable, so you can easily tow them.

The most popular model is the Tiny Living model. This model has a kitchen and bathroom and a loft with a slanted roof and room for a bed. It includes a toilet, shower, sink, fridge, and microwave so that you will have plenty of standard capacity. The interior is sleek and wooden and has a modern yet simple design that will make you feel like you’re in a cabin.

It is also available in multiple lengths. The smallest length is 16’ and will cost about $28,700 while the longest length available is 32’ for $44,500. You can choose your house’s style, and it is perfect for being pulled. Despite its small size, it has plenty of storage space due to the house’s hidden storages under the stairs.

This home’s exterior is fully furnished, but the inside the decorations are up to the purchaser. Therefore, if you want to decorate your interior, this is a good option, but you may need a different option if you are trying to find a furnished home.

Overall, the tiny studio is perfect for any elderly explorer, recent retiree, or an adventurer who wants to travel and partake in building their own tiny house while saving money on travel over time.

The Floridian

The Floridian tiny home is a good option for anyone who wants to live close to family members but wants the freedom and space to live on their own. It is well-designed and offers more privacy than homes like the MedCottage.

Furthermore, it is adaptable to the needs of the elderly because it has an accessible bathroom and walk-in shower. They have high levels of natural light due to a large number of windows. 

The package even involves building a safe entryway and an access sidewalk from your main house to the tiny house so you or your loved one will not have to walk on uneven ground. This feature improves accessibility and acts as a fall-prevention measure to keep your area safe for your loved one.

However, while the Floridian may be a good alternative to a retirement home, it is not as ideal a substitute for a nursing home or a facility that would involve intensive care. This is because the house is designed to offer autonomy to the owners and enable them to have privacy. The bathroom and bedroom are separated from the living room to ensure the occupant has plenty of privacy.

This house is 448 square feet and costs about $185-$220 per square foot. It even comes with a tankless water heater so you can get hot water when you need it and save money on hot water!

Minim House

The Minim House is a very small, compact house perfect for a retiree on the move. Ideal for any traveler, the Minim House combines a small size with a modern design. This tiny home has won three awards from the American Institute of Architects for its innovative design.

At only 264 square feet, this house is one of the smallest on the list, but this feature also makes it ideal for anyone who wants to save space and money or travel. It can easily be taken off-grid and offers water and electric packages for off-grid living. This home replenishes its water by using a gutter to collect rainwater.

For anyone looking for a sleek interior, this home is ideal. Its walls and floor are smooth wood, and its appliances and furniture follow modern trends. For readers, it has a bookcase built into the wall and has a 5’ closet built over the bed.

You can purchase plans for the house or purchase it fully built. If you’re looking to get on the road and travel, this home comes with wheels and can even be ordered on a trailer. When it’s ordered on a trailer, it comes on a triple axle trailer that is very close to the ground, so you can easily transport it but still feel like it is on the ground when you are parked. This feature also makes it easier for older people to ascend into the house.

Due to its versatility and renown, the Minim home costs about $71,000.

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are unique because they feature high autonomy for buyers. You can even stay in one of their tiny house “hotels” for a night before buying to see if you like it! This process involves choosing one of several styles of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses near you, and can be treated as a wilderness vacation with locations in Colorado, Florida, and more.

On the company’s website, you can design your own tiny house in any style you’d like. Then, you can choose which items and offerings you want in your house and skip the rest. This information will be used to give you a quote specifically tailored to your needs. 

Your tiny house can come with wheels and short stairs that attach to the door. It is a cozy option for cold areas and comes in models for up to 4 people if you want your children or grandchildren to be able to visit.

Many of these tiny houses have lofts for storage, and you can opt to insert a mini-split heater or air conditioner. These tiny houses are great for anyone who wants to settle down in a remote location, like mountains or forests. They are also available in models with a sleeping loft if you want your sleeping area to be very separated from the rest of your home, but this may not be ideal for anyone who struggles with stairs.

While this home’s price depends on the design you create, they generally range from about $57,000 for single-story homes with storage lofts to $86,000 for homes with sleeping and storage lofts. 

Overall, this tiny home is great for any retiree who wants a design project. They can craft the home’s exterior, interior, and even furniture to their needs. This project will provide a sense of accomplishment and the ability to live somewhere they feel connected to. This unique tiny house company provides the perfect opportunity for older adventurers to get away and live in a unique area.

Nelson Tiny House

Another versatile and customizable tiny house is the Nelson Tiny House. This house offers expansive options that will enable you or your relative to feel like a home designer and tailor your home specifically to your desires. Nelson Tiny Homes are cheaper than Tumbleweed Tiny Home, but still offer a wide range of options.

If you purchase a Nelson Tiny House, you can choose between two initial styles. The V house comes with a pitched roof while the Acorn house has a gabled roof, and both of these styles include trailers for mobility and full appliances. A 16-20 foot V house starts at $55,000 while a 16-20 foot Acorn house starts at $60,000.

While these houses are very customizable, they all start with beautiful wooden interiors and appliances. Many offer loft options or half-levels with short staircases that allow you to ascend levels. These half-levels are great for any older adults with joint pain because you will only have to climb a few stairs rather than a full set.

Moreover, you may be inclined to support Nelson Tiny Houses because it is a small business. It is family-run, and you will contact the family to work closely with them on your design and customization. As a retiree or senior looking for a project, you will enjoy selecting your features and activating your mind by tailoring the house to your imagination. 


MiniMotives Tiny Houses are ideal for a very active senior or a child of an older adult who wants to do something large for their parents. If you are looking for a large project or want to show your appreciation by building your relative a house, this option is for you.

MiniMotives Tiny House business is unique because it is completely centered on house plans. They offer extensive plans and guidance to enable you to build your own house without relying on a company to assemble it for you. If you are a DIY-er trying to decide how to help your elderly relative, you may consider purchasing these plans.

The plans offered include three options. First, there is a $125 “basic plan” set that includes a materials list, floor and ceiling plans, roof plans, and exterior elevations. This is perfect for experienced builders who want autonomy over interior design and can create a nice interior.

Second, for $250, it offers a “full plans” set that includes the basic plan, construction details, plumbing, and electrical plans, and other features. If you are experienced with construction but are apprehensive about setting up your electrical and plumbing structures, this plan might be right for you.

Finally, MiniMotives offers an “everything” plan with everything from the full plans set and a final sketch of the finished product for $350. While the price of your materials and home will depend on where you purchase them, you could probably get the materials for $20-$22k and have the house assembled for about $40,000, including materials.

This house’s design includes a toilet and shower on one end, a living space, and a ‘bedroom” sectioned away from the rest of the house by a bookshelf. One feature you or your elderly relative may enjoy is its side porch, which makes it ideal for enjoying nice weather or taking in a view if the tiny house is in a mountain or beach area.

The Escape

Some seniors looking for tiny houses may want to live in a remote location but do not want to travel with their house or move around. The Escape makes this possible because many of its models are not meant to be moved. Still, it is resistant to very high temperatures, low temperatures, and snow, which can be a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative to a standard vacation home or mountain home.

Escapes are built for you and can be delivered almost anywhere in the United States. They come with either full appliances or smaller, RV-style appliances, so you have some flexibility in space. Furthermore, they are adaptable to retirees and older people because they have places to install grab-bars and the option for a step-less front. 

The King Park Model is made to stay in place and costs about $86,000, offering several windows for observing your view. It is on the larger side for a tiny home and has a bedroom large enough for a queen bed with shelves and closet space. It even has the option to add a screened-in porch if you want to sit outside! Finally, this option boasts one of the largest bathrooms, so it is great for anyone sharing a bathroom with a partner.

Another reason to choose the Escape is its size. If you want to travel but are retiring with a partner or have an abundance of things to store, you can try the “Traveler XL” model of the Escape. This model is about $78,500 and comes with several features, such as a furnace, A/C, and trailer. It also gives you more space and privacy than other models because it has a separate bedroom with space for a queen bed. While this larger size might take away a bit of the charm of owning a tiny home, it’ll be worth having if you frequently have visitors. 

The traveler model is also ideal for bringing grandkids on vacation, as it has a lofted sleeping loft and a fold-flat couch in the living room. Your bedroom can have a flat-screen TV and a large storage drawer under your bed, making this brand great for anyone unsure whether a tiny house is right for them.

Oceanside Retreat

The Oceanside Retreat is a tiny home ideal for seniors who want to live at the beach (or feel like they are)! It is 411 square feet, but its tall, sloped ceilings make it appear larger. If you are a senior worried about feeling cooped in, this home’s sliding glass doors will help stop you from feeling trapped.

This home is made for permanent residence and is not mobile. You can use it as an elder cottage by putting it in a relative’s backyard, but you can also put it in your own location almost anywhere.

Seasonally, its open layout and fireplace enable it to adapt from an open summer home to a cozy retreat. It has a spacious living room and kitchen, and its lack of clutter makes it feel larger than most tiny homes.

If you like cooking, this tiny home is a good option. Because it offers a larger kitchen than most tiny houses, you may find this house is a better option for you. Furthermore, if you have design specifications, the company will work to accommodate your requests. Overall, this house will benefit any retiree looking to settle down in a permanent location without using too much space or overspending.


As a senior or a senior’s loved one, you may be considering purchasing a tiny home. These homes are a good alternative to a retirement home or even a nursing home. They allow the senior to live close to their loved ones and avoid loneliness while receiving assistance as needed.

Even if you do not need elevated care, tiny homes can benefit you by enabling you to travel the world in the comfort of your home while saving money and reducing your environmental impact. While your unique needs (or those of your parent) will dictate which of the above 10 homes you choose, all of them are excellent, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

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