How to Entertain in a Tiny Home (11 Simple Tips)

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Even if you live in a smaller space, it’s still possible to hold gatherings and entertain friends and family. But if you’re concerned about the lack of possibilities you have in a tiny home, you’ve come to the right place. You can still successfully entertain guests in a small space if you have a strategic plan mapped out. 

Entertaining in a tiny home can be done by planning out the guest list ahead of time, preparing food and counter space before guests arrive, and making use of the technology in your home. While your space might be limited, you can still entertain your guests in a vast number of ways. 

In this article, we’ll be going in-depth in how you can successfully entertain your house guests in your tiny home using just 11 simple tips. If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading. 

Plan Out the Guest List  

If you’re looking to host a group of people within a limited space, it’s important you consider how many people will comfortably fit in your home. 

Think of the floor space you have available, and how easy it will be for people to sit, eat, and maneuver around your house. You want your guests to be comfortable, and you want them to be able to come and go as they please. 

It’s vital you plan out exactly how many people will be coming beforehand and map out the guest list according to how much space you have. This also makes it easier to plan out how much food you’ll be preparing, as the food you layout and serve will also be taking up counter space. 

Knowing how many people will arrive ahead of time also gives you time to lay out the appropriate amount of seating that will be needed, whether at the dinner table or in the living room.

Have your guests RSVP ahead of time, so you’re fully prepared for what’s to come, and you can then begin redirecting your attention to more exciting things such as food and decorations. All in all, don’t invite more people than you feel comfortable inviting into your small space.

Decorate Your Space 

Now onto the more creative aspects of party planning. 

After you’ve had your guests RSVP, and you’re well aware of the number of bodies you’ll be hosting, it’s time to start decorating. Decorating is a fun way to liven up your celebration, and will draw your guest’s attention upwards, which will, in turn, open up your space.

While things such as table decoration crowd up available table space, don’t be afraid to go all out with balloons, streamers, banners, and any other wall decor you can think of. 

If you choose to use any sort of table decor, keep it simple and not too overbearing. A simple centerpiece in the middle of your table such as a candle or a vase of flowers, is a great way to give your guests some visual interest. 

You want plenty of room for people to lay down their drinks and plates, so it’s best to keep table decor to a bare minimum. You can also choose to be festive when picking out plates, napkins, and tablecloths if you choose to brighten up these elements of your party. 

It’s important to remember that the decor you put out should match the tone of the party. If you’re hosting Valentine’s Day dinner, red hearts and candles are a great way to keep a consistent and visually appealing tone going for your guests. 

While some may overlook something simple as decor, it’s an easy way to brighten up your space and liven up your party in a way that will keep your guests enthused.  

Put Your TV/Music to Good Use 

Another creative way to entertain your guests is by putting your technology to good use. 

Even if you’re having a dinner party, you can easily incorporate music to softly play in the background to create a certain ambiance. You could also customize your own playlist for the occasion while preparing dinner and chatting with friends over food. 

If you’re hosting a Christmas party, a playlist full of cheerful Christmas songs will also liven up your party and keep your guests on their feet. Similar to decorating, music will give your party a certain feel, and it’s up to you what look and feel you’re trying to create for your house guests. 

If you’re not looking to play music at your party, you could always put on a movie or show in the background of your party if that feels right to you. For example, having an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” on in the background during a bachelorette party is a fun way to stay on theme.

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can put your music and TV to good use while hosting. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the different ways you can create a fun atmosphere for your party guests. 

It’s clear that even in a small space, the possibilities are endless, and there are numerous ways to have fun, even with the limited space available. 

Simplify How You Serve and Present Food 

Cooking and serving food in a small space, especially in a small kitchen, can be quite challenging. It’s important you plan out how you’ll serve everyone beforehand, as well as the amount of counter space you have available for the food you’re cooking. 

Allowing your guests to serve themselves buffet-style may be your best bet in serving food in a small space. If you don’t have enough counter space for everything in one area, don’t be afraid to space things out. 

It’s also recommended that you take advantage of finger foods, which will save on things such as silverware. This will also save you time and counter space when you opt out of cooking elaborate and drawn-out meals.

Keep drinks, appetizers, and the main course meal in different locations. That way, not only have you utilized all the space you have equally, but this also helps avoid traffic jams of people in one part of the house. 

To save on even more counter space, you can lay out your food with tiered platters, which will save on space and draw your guest’s attention upwards. Not only are they functional, but they are visually stunning as well. 

This is an ideal layout; seeing how having everyone at one table fighting for their turn in a small space can become hectic. Designating certain areas of your home to different stations will keep you and your guests happy without feeling cramped. 

You can also invest in a cheap hot plate if you don’t have enough burners for the amount of food you’ll be preparing. As you can see, there are multiple ways to prepare enough food and create a functional space that allows your guests to come and go with their plates and drinks without frustration. 

Find an Area for Coats/Jackets 

It’s a good idea to create a designated space where guests can leave their coats, jacket, and purses in your tiny home. 

This way, your home won’t be overcrowded with everyone’s belongings, which would leave less room for your guests to sit comfortably and enjoy each other’s company. It’s recommended that you have enough space in a hall closet to store people’s belongings.

This way, they can easily locate and remove their things when it’s time to pack up and leave. Ideally, you clean out your closet before your company arrives, so you have enough space to safely store everyone’s belongings neatly without cramming it in. 

This is also a good excuse to throw out old things that have been taking space in your closet for far too long. This will help you become more mindful of the items you choose to hold on to and how you’re making use of that space. 

Declutter and Clean 

While this should go without saying, you’ll want to tidy up your space before your guests arrive. 

You should take the time to clean, but decluttering is another great way to open up space in your tiny home. Removing items that could easily be knocked over, or moving decorative pillows that will just take up space are good to remove before your party begins.

When throwing some sort of event within your tiny home, you want people to feel comfortable, and not as if they are tip-toeing over everything in sight. Anything from bulky pieces of decor in the living room to personal toiletries in the bathroom should be moved and rearranged to create more space.

Keep these non-essentials under the sink, in the closet, or under the bed to create a functional and clean space for your party guests. You’ll also want to dust and vacuum beforehand, as factors such as dust and dirt can quickly accumulate within your small space. 

It’s also important to remember that while you want your space to be as neat and tidy as possible, imperfections within your tiny home are okay. The main purpose of your gathering is to entertain and have an enjoyable time with friends and family.

Accept the imperfections of your tiny home, try to do a little bit of tidying up every day, and not overwhelm yourself before your function is due to start. 

Rearrange Your Furniture 

Don’t be afraid to shift around your furniture to create a more open and functional space for your party guests. This is a great opportunity to get great creative with the way your space looks and decide what pieces are serving a purpose. 

You may realize while moving things around which objects in your space are essential, and which ones are simply taking up space. Rearranging your furniture also gives you the chance to incorporate new and different pieces within your tiny home.

By moving the couch, you can set up a fancy drink station in the living room that everyone will enjoy. You could also lay out a foldable table if you don’t have a large enough dining room for everyone to enjoy.

Having more space will give you more creative freedom in terms of where you’ll place things such as chairs, tables, and a designated drinking station. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to shift things around in your tiny home. You may find yourself with more space for you and your guests at the end of the day.

Have Multiple Trash Cans Out and Visible 

If you want to save on counter space and ensure there is still plenty of room at the end of the night, make sure your trash can is out and easily accessible. Having multiple trash cans out and visible during your party is key for multiple reasons. 

Not only does this make it easier on you when you’re cleaning up after your guests have left, but it also keeps counter space open, as your guests won’t leave their used napkins and cups lying around when multiple trash cans are out. 

Your trash can will also encourage people to throw things away mid-party instead of leaving things around when there is an easily accessible trash can out and about. 

Keep Your Space Cool 

A lot of people confined within a small space means a lot of heat. It’s vital that you find ways to keep your tiny home cool and comfortable for yourself and all your house guests.

Keep any windows or doors open that you can, and turn up the A/C to ensure all your guests stay comfortable and cool throughout the entire gathering. You can also incorporate a handful of smaller fans into your space to keep every room at a consistent and decent temperature.

It’s also important to be mindful of how many people may be occupying one room or area of your tiny home at a time. That will help you decide which doors and windows should stay open, or where you should be placing your fans.  

It’s also a good idea to turn off your oven about an hour before guests start arriving. Remembering factors such as these are vital to keeping everyone at ease, as many bodies in a small space will bring on the heat. 

Start Hosting Smaller Gatherings First

If you’re new to entertaining in your tiny home, it’s good to begin hosting to smaller groups of people first. This gives you a chance to get the feel of having multiple people in your home before you’re faced with the overwhelming task of entertaining a lot of people in your small space at once.

So when the time comes for you to host your first gathering with a large number of people, it’s not too daunting or overwhelming. You’ll know exactly how to handle certain situations, space your layout accordingly, and ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves. 

So before you invite people in large numbers, start small and invite a handful of friends over. It’s great practice, and an easy way to learn what to do and what not to do next time as your guest list continues to grow. 

Remember to Enjoy 

While it’s easy to become overwhelmed with factors such as preparing food, a functional space, all while ensuring your guests are enjoying themselves, it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself as well. 

Don’t spend the evening apologizing for imperfections or trying to manage every little thing. Some things may go wrong, and that’s okay, things like that are bound to happen whether you’re hosting in a tiny space or not.

The main purpose of having everyone over is to enjoy each other’s company, build connections, and just have a good time. When you slow down and begin to enjoy your own festivities, your guests will be able to relax and enjoy the amazing gathering that you’ve put together. 

It’s no easy feat to successfully host a large group of people within a tiny home. You should be proud of yourself for all the work you’ve done to create a fun and refreshing atmosphere for your party guests that will be one to remember. 


In this article, we went in-depth into how you can successfully entertain in a tiny home by using 11 simple tips. Many factors go into hosting a large group of people in a small space, but with the right information, you can do it with ease.

Factors such as cleaning, decluttering, and rearranging your space are key to hosting in a tiny home. You’ll want to make sure your guests have enough room to maneuver around your space without feeling constricted. 

It’s also a good idea to implement your A/C and fans during your gathering, as lots of people in a small space will increase the temperature. It’s ideal to crack open a window or use any fans you have to keep your guests cool. 

Now, you have all the information you need to successfully entertain in a tiny home. 

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